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Score major bragging rights, get gorgeous Insta-worthy shots, and soak up the culture and history of these places less travelled. Find the best times to visit with timepieces from Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry and get the most out of each destination.

Santorini, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro... It’s no secret that most of us have these world-famous destinations on our travel bucket list. But sometimes, it’s more fun to leave these tourist hotspots behind and take the road less travelled – especially when there are plenty of under-the-radar places out there waiting to be discovered.

From the lesser-known Greek isle of Ios to the sunflower fields of Khao Yai, Thailand, we’ve sussed out five underrated holiday spots to visit before everyone else. Of course, don’t forget to pack stylish timepieces by Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry – a must-have accessory for every traveller to enjoy the most out of each destination.

1. Visit the sunflower fields at Khao Yai, Thailand at 9am

Start your day on a cheery note with a trip to one of Thailand’s most gorgeous sunflower fields. Located in the highlands, about a three-hour drive from Bangkok, the fields are carpeted in sunny yellow hues between November and January when the flowers are in full bloom. Whether you’re admiring the sunflowers from afar or up close, you can’t deny their spellbinding beauty or the sheer magnificence of their size. Don’t leave your selfie stick at home – you’ll want to snap a photo of yourself frolicking in this sea of yellow and green.

For your outdoor adventure in the sunflower fields, you’ll want an outfit that’s both comfortable and stylish. Pair a flowy sundress with a watch from the Calvin Klein Seduce collection; its modern lines and refined shape will lend a feminine touch to your look. Better yet: it features a glamorous bangle design – making it the perfect day-to-night accessory.

2. Go kitesurfing in Canoa Quebrada, Ceara, Brazil at 11am

Dreaming of an adrenaline-filled holiday? Try kitesurfing in Brazil. Canoa Quebrada, dubbed as the “Pearl of the East Coast”, is one of the country’s most popular destinations to indulge in this sport, thanks to steady winds, flat water, and vast, open spaces to practise. The weather in Canoa Quebrada is gorgeous year-round, but the most popular months for kitesurfing are between August and November.

Sporty, striking and undeniably bold, the Calvin Klein Achieve collection is made for the contemporary traveller on the go. The statement chronograph watch complements all your outdoor pursuits, thanks to its distinctly modern case shape, colourful dial and water resistance of up to 50 metres.

3. Take in the sunset at Ios, Greece at 7PM

Santorini’s great, but it can get overcrowded and touristy. For a change, escape to the neighbouring island of Ios. According to CNN Travel, this bucolic Greek isle has some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean – not forgetting tranquil hilltops and picturesque windmills. A must-do in Ios is to witness the sunset, so head to a bar with unobstructed views of the horizon, order a delicious cocktail, sit back, and take in the glorious sight as the sun goes down.

Raise your glass to the Calvin Klein Cheers timepiece, which features a jewellery-inspired bracelet and a refined, polished finish. With its skyline-inspired design, this watch is stylish, simple and sophisticated – perfect for accessorising with both casual, summer outfits during the day and cocktail dresses in the evenings for touch of elegance.

4. Enjoy a visual feast at the Fabrica de Arte Cubano, Cuba at 8pm

If music, art, and dance are your thing, make a beeline for Cuba. The Caribbean island nation is gearing up to be 2019’s hottest holiday destination – and Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) is one of Havana’s hippest nightlife spots. Combining a bar, an art gallery, a performance arena and a nightclub, this former cooking oil plant brings together an exciting mix of exhibitions, shows and live music performances under one roof. For a night to remember, join the hipster crowd of young Cubans at FAC for good music, delicious drinks and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

Party on with the Calvin Klein Classic Too, a timeless design with sophisticated elements and a relaxed simplicity that is true to the brand. Subtly designed with a stainless steel bracelet to accentuate its contemporary style, the Classic Too watch is versatile enough to pair with any outfit. Distinct hour markers and a clean dial make it easy to tell the time, even after a night of revelry.

5. Experience the midnight sun at Abisko, Sweden at 12am

During the summer, the sun rarely sets in this part of Swedish Lapland, so the night is as bright as day. In Abisko, the midnight sun is visible for a full eight weeks (from the middle of May to the end of July). Lonely Planet calls this natural phenomenon “Northern Sweden’s most spectacular attraction”, so during this time, you’ll want to stay up as late as possible to enjoy all that this Arctic outpost has to offer: think hiking through the wilderness, playing golf and riding a chairlift high above the mountains.

The classic Calvin Klein Minimal fits well in an awe-inspiring place such as Abisko. Originally inspired by vintage timepieces, this watch features a clean silver dial and mesh bracelet – mirroring the typically minimalist Swedish aesthetic.

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