These two award-winning SK-II facials effectively anti age and relax tension for glowing, plumped-up complexion

These two facials come with pampering massages to help calm and de-stress the mind, and promote circulation for firmer, more radiant-looking skin.
Category  Best Facial for Dull and Tired Skin
Best Facial for Instant Lifting and Firming (Machine-based)
WINNER  Readers' Choice: SK-II Boutique Spa Senze EO+ Facial
Editors' Choice: SK-II Boutique Spa Senze Renewal Proionic Facial

Stress has a negative effect on your mood, health – and skin. Pollutants, too, generate free radicals that weaken and sensitise skin. Both these factors aggravate skin issues, making self-repair difficult.

SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus’ newest facial, which Her World was the first to review, helps you relieve stress and, by extension, helps your skin de-stress.

The Senze EO+ Facial ($320 for 105min) improves circulation, zaps dullness and promotes radiance. It includes a 40min face massage that uses one of four certified organic essential oil blends: De-stress to hydrate, Soothe to calm, Anti-ageing for firming, and Purify to balance oily, congested skin. The blends are free of pesticides, preservatives and artificial chemicals, and use premium oils like rose otto and German (blue) camomile.

The 40min massage uses Austrian biochemist Marguerite Maury’s massage techniques. She was a pioneer in the use of essential oils in spa-like clinics in the 1950s. The face, neck, shoulders and scalp are massaged to heighten relaxation, promote circulation and reduce stress. The lymph nodes are also stimulated to improve drainage and circulation for better absorption of key ingredients from the essential oils and SK-II skincare. Hand reflexology during the facial promotes overall well-being.

To give your skin a firming boost, opt for the Senze Renewal Proionic Facial ($480 for 100min). It addresses dull and sagging skin with radio-frequency waves, using the INDIBA Proionic RF machine. This boosts circulation in the upper skin layers, and purportedly boosts collagen production, as well as breaks down fats in the deep skin layers to improve firmness and lift facial contours.  The facial is also accompanied by a relaxing scalp and shoulder massage, and leaves the complexion looking more plumped-up and dewy.

Enjoy your first trial of the Senze EO+ Facial for $270 (UP $320) from now until Aug 31, 2018. Terms and conditions apply.

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