Get healthy, shiny hair with a good four step hair care regime

In the same way our skincare routines have evolved to comprise extra steps (like pre-serums and toners), taking good care of your scalp and hair requires more than a simple shampoo and conditioning routine.

Most of us are used to putting in the effort morning and night when it comes to a detailed skincare regimen. But what about our hair? PHS Hairscience has created a trichologist-certified range of products that are meant to give you professional results in your own home.

Free of parabens, mineral oils and colourants, their high-concentration formulations and advanced stem cell technology promise to keep hair follicles in excellent condition with regular use.

It just takes four easy steps

  1. Step


    Using a pre-treatment exfoliator like the ADV Pre-treatment Scalp Elixir is meant to get rid of dead skin cells, boost circulation, and clear the scalp of chemical build up.

  2. Step


    Choosing a cleanser or shampoo that suits your scalp concerns is key, whether you have an oily scalp, dandruff, or even sensitivity. Using the wrong shampoo can irritate your scalp in the long run which can lead to unhealthy hair.

  3. Step


    A good conditioner is what improves your hair texture and hydrates your tresses. Just remember to avoid getting conditioner on your scalp as that can clog your hair follicles.

  4. Step


    The final step is a tonic that targets deeper hair concerns like hair loss or scalp sensitivity directly, just like a serum does for your face.

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