11 September 2019 BY CLEO

How to acne hormonal

I have never looked forward to getting my period. Does anyone really? I have never had what you may call “easy menses”. In addition to cramps, general fatigue, mood swings and being bloated, I also have to second-guess if hormonal acne will come knocking that month. And while there is nothing I can do about getting my period—aside from just trying to make it easier with a heating pad or a Panadol—I wanted to see if there was a way to avoid getting that dreaded hormonal acne every month.

After all, it’s the hormonal fluctuations around that time of the month that usually result in a hormonal acne on the chin or along your jawline. What if I could track the changes in my hormones and the resulting effect on my skin, and tweak my skincare routine to suit it? Maybe, I could minimise the chances of  hormonal acne appearing along with Aunt Flo. I decided to try it for two months and here’s what happened.