10 September 2019 BY Her World
You can't rely on any plain ol' moisturiser to get rid of those fine lines. Since the skin surrounding your eyes is extra thin, eye creams are formulated to specifically target that area. Here's our edit of the best eye products that will erase dark circles and wrinkles
Photo: soothingsista / Instagram

Did you know the skin around your eyes is up to six times thinner than the skin around the rest of your face? Did you also know that there are a lot less sebum glands around this area compared to the rest of your face? What this means is that not only does the skin around the eyes lack natural moisturisation, it is also a lot more fragile and more prone to damage.

Factor in the hundreds and thousands of times this delicate area is tugged, pulled and stretched with each expression made and it is no wonder this is the area where signs of ageing like poor microcirculation and wrinkles start to become visible.

Whether you’re experiencing first signs of ageing like dark circles and fine lines, or advanced signs like sagging and deep wrinkles, here are the 12 most effective anti-ageing eye products, tried and tested by beauty editors: