This face cream quenches and strengthens your skin

Because hydrating alone isn’t enough

You won’t find any shortage of moisturisers that promise to hydrate your skin, replenishing the moisture that is lacking, in order to put the supple dewiness back into your skin.

But beyond hydration, your skin also needs to be strengthened and the two go hand in hand, in fact.

This is because when skin is dehydrated it loses its intercellular lipids (the fluid-y substance surrounding skin cells that like a glue to hold the cells together, giving skin its structure, plumpness and water-retention abilities) and this causes skin’s structure to weaken and give way to degradation and signs of ageing.

Here’s where Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Micro Crème comes in. It is a moisturiser that not only infuses skin with lightweight, refreshing, watery moisture, it also strengthens skin.

The cream is so unique, firstly because one of the active ingredients, Camellia Alba OFA, is encased in micro-droplets for freshness. You can see these tiny, perfectly uniform-sized droplets in the cream – and there are 5,000 in each jar – and they dissolve on contact with your skin, releasing the ingredients fresh and pure, directly to your face. This replenishing ingredient offers an instant plumping up effect for the upper layers of the skin, smoothing the texture and making it soft and smooth.

What’s even more incredible? The emulsion in which the visible micro-droplets are suspended is also made of invisible droplets that contain two other powerful ingredients, Blue Ginger PFA and another form of camellia extract – the Camellia Alba PFA.

The latter helps to deeply hydrate skin and also help to smooth skin’s surface texture by restoring elasticity and volume. And the blue ginger extract is a super antioxidant that protects skin from free radical damage so that its natural barrier function (made up of natural moisturising factors and intercellular lipids) is strengthened. The micro-droplet based formula and how it replenishes, restores and regulates skin’s moisture, is a technological feat, so innovative that it holds five patents.

Hydrated, more resilient skin? Yes please! And the cherry on top has to be the cream’s refreshing texture that’s amazingly lightweight and watery yet instantly comforting even for the driest skin.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Crème is a winner in Her World Beauty Awards 2018 for Readers’ Choice - Hydrating Moisturiser Cream (Department/Speciality Store).