Long story short:

Individuality is the new trend for hair

This season, your hair is in. It doesn’t matter if it’s straight, curly, long, short, middle-parted or side-parted, it’s all on-trend.

As we spoke to legendary hairdressers Cyril Brune, Robert Lobetta and Rossano Ferretti, it’s apparent that an overarching trend in hair which has been present for several seasons is “individuality.”

The hair maestros were in Singapore as part of the World of Wella event in October, organised by Wella Professionals, a brand under the COTY Professional Beauty division which oversees salon brands such as Wella, Sebastian Professional, System Professional and ghd.

“We’re in an era of individuality, especially with the advent of the Internet. By the time a trend comes out, it’s already dated. You can refer to a trend, but you shouldn’t have to feel like you need to follow it,” said Robert Lobetta, Creative Visionary of Sebastian Professional and a brand of Coty Professional Beauty.

Lobetta went on to tell us that instead of it being just about the hair, it’s more about the personality, attitude, and confidence that the person wearing the hairstyle brings to the table.

With hair, this means embracing your natural hair texture to create the desired look, with minimal product or styling. To French-born hair guru, Cyrill Brune, who is part of the Global Creative Artist team at Wella Professionals, hair trends used to follow fashion but now it’s a mix of everything. “It’s more about having style than following a trend,” said Brune.

The undone hair trend

He added that while the last two years was about poker straight hair, there is a movement towards the undone hair trend.

The undone hairstyle is all about loving your hair texture and working with the natural movement of your mane.

Volume is making a comeback, but without frizz, through the use of a texturising product like the Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift and a hydrating product such as the System Professional Hydrate Quenching Mist.

“The key thing to getting the look is using your fingers instead of tools to move the hair and play around with it, noted Brune.

In terms of hair colour, Brune akso shared that we’ll be “seeing a lot of different shades of brown (without warm undertone).”

We like to think of this as the hair equivalent of the no makeup makeup trend. It’s inclusive and compelling, and it makes a convincing case for, well… coming just as you are, or whoever you want to be.

Perhaps no one understands the importance of celebrating your natural locks and what makes you unique than celebrity hairstylist and COTY Professional Beauty Global Brand Ambassador Rossano Ferretti.

After all, he did invent The Method, or widely known as “The Invisible Cut”, a technique where he uses patented texturising scissors that cut less hair, compared to regular hairdressing shears. This way, it reveals the natural shape and movement of each person’s hair.

The goal was to “showcase the beauty and movement” and enhance the natural flow and volume of hair without seeing the cut of the scissors.

Here’s another bonus: Unless you have a pixie cut, you won’t need frequent trims. Your hair will grow out beautifully without looking like a shaggy mess.

No matter what style you’re going for, Ferretti reminds us of the importance of caring for your hair. “Respect your hair, try to keep it healthy, feed it with fantastic products and ask for Wella when it comes to colour. It’s also important to hydrate your hair with hair oil and protect it from heat.”

He also stressed the importance of communicating with your hairstylists, just like you would with a skin specialist or makeup artist, to communicate what you like or dislike in a hairstyle, your lifestyle needs and which ingredients you look for in a hair product because “it’s your hair and your beauty.”