Beauty products come and go, but some have achieved cult-like status, like Cosme Decorte’s Moisture Liposome range, which has been a perennial favourite for the past 25 years.
Here’s why.
We all know that hydration is key to good skin, and consistently slap on a multitude of moisturisers and serums. Yet sometimes, this seems futile, and our skin still looks dry and dull. The problem: The moisture from our skincare products is not being absorbed into skin and retained. Worse still, stress, age and environmental aggressors are actually reducing our skin’s ability to hold on to it.
The thing about skin is that it’s designed to keep bad stuff out – pollution, dirt, free radicals and so on. Many beauty products just sit on skin and affect only its surface. Cosme Decorte’s Moisture Liposome range, however, has been specifically created to penetrate the layers of skin and saturate it with moisture from within. That’s why it has been the brand’s most successful skincare range for the past 25 years.
The range uses a clever technology known as "moisture liposomes" – minuscule capsules made from phospholipids, a substance that’s found in our skin’s cell membranes. At less than four-hundredths the size of skin cells, they can easily penetrate skin, releasing potent ingredients as they go. These include hydrating actives, as well as other ingredients that promise to repair damaged areas beneath the skin surface. They are released slowly so skin looks as good at the end of the day as it did at the start.

One person who knows his skincare is celebrity makeup artist Larry Yeo. As any makeup guru knows, clean moisturised skin serves as a perfect canvas for a flawless finish. “I love how the products apply so beautifully and help so much in soothing and repairing the cutaneous barrier of the skin. They bring a beautiful hydrated bounce to the skin as well!” says Larry.
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Moisture Liposome, the brand has given the three products in the range an elegant makeover.
How to use the trio? Apply Moisture Liposome (from $157) after cleansing and before application of lotion. It’s said to boost hydration levels immediately, while improving skin’s own ability to hold on to moisture and boosting the absorption power of subsequent products such as lotion and serum. According to the brand, you can expect skin to look translucent, supple and smooth with continued use.
Dab on Concentrated Liposome Eye Cream ($99), a light, oil-free gel that has an ingredient with 1.3 times the moisturising ability of hyaluronic acid.
Those who have dry or ageing skin can apply Moisture Liposome Cream ($157) before bed. Besides the moisture liposomes, this also contains emollient ingredients that supposedly improve skin’s barrier function and its ability to stay hydrated.