Skin can be bathed in the most flattering – soft, diffused – lighting. Cle de Peau Beaute’s latest makeup base, Radiant Cream Foundation, shows how radiance is better with a lighter touch

Most people would choose a solitaire over a pave diamond. But the R & D folks at Japanese cosmetics house Cle de Peau Beaute thought differently with its latest cream base (which replaces its Silky Cream Foundation).

Radiant Cream Foundation ($180) with SPF25/PA++ is a marriage of skincare and makeup tech. The first comes from the brand’s other famous product La Crème – specifically, its Illuminating Complex EX that promises to moisturise and reduce the appearance of damage caused by environmental stress. The second comes from powder particles that are placed randomly to reflect light, well, randomly, as opposed to traditional powders, which lie flat to only reflect light off a flat surface. The promise? Improved radiance with continuous use – something that even the brand’s liquid foundation doesn’t deliver. How to use: a little at a time, and use your finger to tap and blend. In six shades.

Generally, cream foundations are designed for dry (or drier) skins or complexions that need more help than what a two-way cake or fluid foundation can provide. Getting the texture right – weightless, as easy to blend as a liquid (if not easier), with a powder-like satiny finish – is not hard with today’s science and technology. What’s harder: getting the product to help reflect light softly.

THE FINISHER (RIGHT): Translucent Loose Powder ($180), a pinkish, ultra-fine, feathery-light powder with Illuminating Treatment Powder to minimise the look of flaws, smooth surface texture and create a longer-lasting finish.

So Cle de Peau Beaute looked at how diamonds reflect light off their surfaces – the more facets a diamond has, the more light is reflected. This is where pave trumps solitaires. The former, made of many smaller diamonds grouped together, has unlimited facets to bounce light from every angle for diffused light – the light that makes skin look more youthful.

No hard lines, no hard shadows, imperfections are not noticeable or obvious, and everything just looks softer, better. Now, who doesn’t want that?